Zuidnatie takes further steps towards green future

Zuidnatie will switch to fully electric company cars as from April 2023. The switch is in collaboration with partner Volvo De Keulenaer (Beveren) and the model chosen is the Volvo XC40 Recharge Plus Black. To provide the right infrastructure, Zuidnatie has built charging stations at every terminal over the past year. The switch to all-electric fits perfectly into the company’s sustainable policy.

Since 2013, Zuidnatie has had hybrid company cars for its employees. The conversion of the entire company fleet to electric is taking place in several phases. Since last week, the first car arrived. Deliveries will follow in the coming weeks. New cars will then be ordered annually and some old hybrid cars will be replaced. By 2027, the entire fleet should have switched to electric cars. Employees can charge their new company car at work and will also receive a charging pass for public charging stations. If they want a charging station at home, they can lease one through the new internal  plan, called ‘Benefits @ Zuidnatie’.

“We are delighted to see the first cars arrive after months of preparation and discussions. Why did Zuidnatie choose Volvo De Keulenaer Beveren? Volvo’s baseline is “Towards a better future”. This is fully in line with our company philosophy. From Volvo, they also strive for the freedom to move forward in a personal, sustainable and safe way. Moreover, like Zuidnatie, the franchise is a family business, we both strive for a greener future and for Zuidnatie, safety is also a top priority. These are the reasons why we believe in Volvo De Keulenaer and see them as a total partner.” – Daphne Cornelis, HR Zuidnatie

Finally, Zuidnatie chose to revamp its car lettering. Besides the logo, the American football players are not forgotten. Therefore, one of the players can be found on the company cars.

From left to right:
Stéphanie Feys (Managing Director Zuidnatie), Rudi De Haen (Volvo De Keulenaer), Floris Verswijvel (IT manager & first holder) and Daphne Cornelis (HR Business Partner)