Zuidnatie big winner of two awards

Antwerp, Friday 12 May 2023 – Last night, Zuidnatie won two recognitions, namely the Gold label of the Best Managed Company program, as well as TransportMedia’s ‘Employer of the Year’ award. The Best Managed Company ceremony took place in the Deloitte building near Brussels Airport. The Transport & Logistics awards took place at the Nekkerhal in Mechelen. Both recognitions show that the family company’s long-term strategy and HR policy are on the right track, thanks to the efforts of employees and management board. Zuidnatie experienced a busy but successful evening.

Gold label Best Managed Company
The Gold label of the Best Managed Company program is the award for companies that maintain the Best Managed Companies label for four consecutive years. Each year, the Best Managed Companies program tests participants against a globally tested framework. It recognizes private companies that translate a clear strategy, strong competences and commitment to the business into solid financial results. The independent jury recognized Zuidnatie for its outstanding business performance and may carry the quality label for the coming year.

Bruno Peelaers, Partner Deloitte Private and Best Managed Companies Program Leader: “The 2023 Best Managed Companies laureates demonstrate innovation, adaptability and resilience in the face of a constantly changing context and market. Over the past year, these forward-thinking companies have focused on successfully responding to challenges and seizing new opportunities.

Employer of the Year
During the 30th anniversary of the Transport & Logistics award, Zuidnatie won the ‘Employer of the Year’ category. Zuidnatie was able to demonstrate that its current HR policy, with a focus on diversity and inclusion, is unique as a freight handler and its new project around the cafeteria plan and dynamic training plan is worthy of a win. Zuidnatie was also able to show the jury that the #Zuidnatiefamily really grew the last few years from ‘just a word’ to an ingrained term.

Golden day
The two victories will be celebrated internally with a tasty treat at all terminals. “Our employees are our ambassadors, the heart and soul of our organization. Our mission is to create a positive and supportive working environment for them that encourages growth, development and success. These recognitions are a validation of our efforts as a team and proof that we are great at scoring touchdowns!” – Stéphanie Feys, Managing Director of Zuidnatie.