Zuidnatie enters into a partnership with MACS

8th June 2019, the first MACS vessel (mv Golden Karoo) arrives at our terminal Breakbulk. The start of a very nice collaboration within 2 companies with a breakbulk heart. Our terminal operations managers together with the dockers makes every call at our terminal successful.

Attracting both regular shipping lines, MACS & STINNES, we maintain our commitment to breakbulk industry and we strength our market position as the Breakbulk specialist in the port of Antwerp. By adding these 2 shipping lines to our portfolio with destination South-Africa and Mexico, we can offer a service to every continent in the world at 1 specific terminal in the Port of Antwerp.

Since we signed this contract with Macs, we decided to invest in a crane specific for loading bulk directly ex barge. We bought a grab with a capacity of 35m³, which is necessary to have a high productivity. Investing in new equipment highlights our intentions to keep growing in the breakbulk segment.

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