Mantsinen, our new crane on rails

Since 11 April, Zuidnatie welcomes a brand new crane on rails. This rookie, originated from Finland and built through Mantsinen, is the first crane is his segment at Zuidnatie. The most conspicuous and important difference with other cranes is that this crane has no lifting ropes, but features a ‘stick’ and boom which measures together 40 meters. You can compare this crane with a gigantic construction crane for groundwork where every lifting movement happens with hydraulic cylinders. Due to this feature the crane is very fast, particularly while slewing when the crane turn 4 times faster around its axle than a normal harbor crane. At the end of the stick a quick coupler is assembled which allows us to quickly change lifting material.

While designing this crane, we had detailed consultation with engineers of Mantsinen and a lot of configurations were discussed with different crane heights and different lengths of boom and stick. After all these constructive talks we finished this model in order having a width range of possibilities for all our operations. This configuration allows us not only handling barges but also seavessels.

Study, preliminary design and production took 1 year. To optimize our carbon footprint, and fully utilize our own generated energy from solar panels, we decided to connect the Mantsinen crane on electricity grid. With a power cable of 500m length, this crane can operate within a range of 1 km. It’s possible to drive underneath the crane with the most common vehicles on terminal, even wagons. Furthermore the energy which is released while slewing can be stored and used during the next lifting movement, this declines the use of energy. Different crane operates enjoyed education to get used of handling this new, powerful crane.

Mantsinen Zuidnatie Breakbulk