Deputy Prime Minister Georges Gilkinet visits Zuidnatie

Deputy Prime Minister Georges Gilkinet visited Zuidnatie as a part of the “VOKA Summer Internship”. The Minister of Mobility wants more investments in rail with attention to the modal shift so that innovative companies – such as Zuidnatie – are encouraged to make sustainable choices.

Sustainability and innovation are crucial to Zuidnatie’s business model. As a logistics family business, Zuidnatie has specialized in handling, transporting and storing goods for more than 150 years. Industry leading and not coincidentally awarded as Best Managed Company in 2020 and 2021.

Zuidnatie is also fully committed to sustainable mobility and invested in 8 hybride forklifts and 3 electrically powered cranes. The fleet will be fully electrified in 2026 based on its own solar panels.

Thank you for visiting Zuidnatie!

Watch here the video of his visit to Zuidnatie – ATV (regional television channel for the province of Antwerp).

Deputy Prime Minister Gilkinet visits Zuidnatie