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For more than 150 years, we’ve provided complete and tailor-made logistics services in all areas of cargo handling. Centuries changed, and so did we. We expanded, we developed, we specialized and we modernized. Today we are still growing and investing, but for more than 150 years, we also stayed the same: our logistics services are always tailor-made and our solutions are your solutions. We handle your cargo with care and with the knowledge we acquired during our company’s long history. There’s no need to ship anywhere else because we handle it all!

Zuidnatie unites certified personnel, state-of-the-art infrastructure, innovative high-tech equipment and secure warehouses with high-quality project management and exceptional value-added services. Trust your cargo to the market leader in the multipurpose segment in the Port of Antwerp. Let us tackle all your logistic challenges!

zuidnatie best managed company 2020

Family Business

Zuidnatie started as a family business and still is today. Along the way we acquired other specialist companies, such as Becomar, Flatraco and DP World Breakbulk. A large family with one purpose: to help our customers carry their load. To be a one-stop-shop for all their stevedoring, warehousing, logistics and transporting needs. To be a reliable and flexible partner in the Port of Antwerp. We have a dedicated and certified team, state-of-the-art equipment and the cleanest, most secure, warehouses. We handle it, no matter how tough it gets!

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Startup of Zuidnatie


The general economic upswing after 1945 speeds up the mechanisation process. Modern modes of transport and handling equipment replace the traditional “horse and cart”.


Zuidnatie embarks on a major warehouse expansion program. Warehouse “Iris” is completed and covers an area of 11.500m² at the brand new Churchill Dock.


In October, Zuidnatie opens the second major warehouse complex “Lotus”, located in the Bellestraat and covers 15.000m².


Zuidnatie embarks their biggest project “Multifunctional Terminal Zuid” with a total area of 200.000m² for the development of new warehouses, stevedoring activities and container services “Becomar NV”. Over the years, Zuidnatie continues to invest in the expansion of all activities, terminals, high-quality materials, cranes and so much more.


The infrastructure at Terminal Zuid is completed after eight years of continuous growth and expansion: total covered warehouse area of 130.000m².


Acquisition of “DP World Breakbulk” (quay 466 – 484) and reefer department of Hapag Lloyd.


Zuidnatie purchases two new Terex Gottwald mobile harbor cranes with a maximum lifting capacity of 200T each and equipped with a tandem lift system allowing loads up to 400T.


Zuidnatie continues to work on growth in reliability and flexibility. We will continuously offer our clients a modern and up-to-date multifunctional infrastructure. With the acquisition of the former Port of Antwerp barge dock, located at quay 126-128, the storage of Terminal Zuid increase with another 20.000m².


Zuidnatie and Cargill build a new European logistics platform offering transshipment facilities and storage for up to 300.000 MT of barley and malt. In addition “Antwerp Railhouse” is established: two water-bound warehouses with direct rail connection. Finally Zuidnatie bought their first barge “Zuidnatie 9” for multimodal transport.


At the beginning of March, Zuidnatie moves to the new headquarter and container terminal (quay 612-622) in Stabroek. Zuidnatie is also settling in France to expand their logistics activities.


Zuidnatie exists 150 years and leads the way in loading and discharging breakbulk, cargo, soft commodities and containers. As a result, Zuidnatie is named as “Best Managed Company 2020” by Deloitte. Zuidnatie commissioned a second barge “Dampezzo” for this purpose. Furthermore Zuidnatie continues to expand their activities and settles in Germany.


For the second year, Zuidnatie requalifies as Best Managed Company 2021 & as from September 2021, Zuidnatie welcomes Empros Lines as a new partner.


ISO 14001

International organization for standardization and transparent procedures for environmental management.

ISO 45001

International standard certificate requirements for an occupational health and safety.


Authorized economical operator for transparent procedures for customs and stevedoring.


Quality label for handling and storage of non-ferrous metals.


Minor Metals Trade Association – certificate for handling and storage of minor metals.


Quality label for exports of foodstuffs for human consumption from Belgium to third countries.


Certificate for the supply of rice and sugar.


International ship and port facility security code – transparent procedures for security management.

Best Managed Company

Quality label that acknowledges clear strategy, expertise, commitment and financial performance.

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